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Happy campers LONG ROAD TRIP SOUTH is the record of our overland adventure and exploration through Africa, heading south from Gloucestershire in the UK to Cape Town in South Africa. The site will show our preparation and planning before the trip and a diary with stories, photos and videos during the trip.
It has been Ally's dream to drive across this vast continent for ages, capturing the sights, sounds, smells and light, a typically South African silly thing to do... and Rob wants to build a BIG TRUCK and drive it through mud, so it should be a good combination.
Other than a momentous two-week whistle stop tour of Namibia in Jan 2004 in a hired 4x4, we are beginners at overlanding so any help or thoughts would be gratefully received. Please email us from the link at the top of the page.
Our planned departure date is scheduled for December 2006.
Come and follow us online on our LONG ROAD TRIP SOUTH.

Dino has been sold!

Dino was for sale!

Now we have been back in the UK for a while and are (unfortunately?) settling into normal jobs and real life we are selling our faithful Dino.

We don't want to sell Dino but we have decided that we do not have the need of such a special and overly prepared vehicle, I'm sure a 300 tdi 90 will somehow turn up on our drive fairly shorty though, yep after 27000miles of hard-core overlanding we still love Landies!

From our story on the website you can see what Dino is capable of and what he has been through. We (that is robs father) have completed a serious post trip work up on Dino so he is probably better now than he was.

See more details on Dino here

latest news December 2007 - Here are some lessons learnt and useless data carlogo
October - November 2007 - Shipping Dino home shipping
21st October 2007 - A small celebration in Cape Town wedding
1st September 2007 - Old friends, the sea and a stay on the farm the end
25th August 2007 - Kruger and biltong silhouette
18th August 2007 - Final border crossing, hospitality in South Africa steak
12th August 2007 - Flying, lots of animals and a bit of swimming river
6th August 2007 - Open spaces, shopping malls and offroading okavango
31st July 2007 - The wild world of Zimbabwe zimbabwe
27th July 2007 - The big drive south west mozambique
19th July 2007 - Portuguese, bad roads & prawns in Mozambique mozambique
13th July 2007 - White sand, turquoise water, palm trees on the coast tanzania
2nd July 2007 - Back into REAL Africa old road

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