Day 269 - 275


RSA 26th August - 1st September 2007, South Africa

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Day 269 26/8. Little Green World, Beaufort West, South Africa
32°20.84'S 22°34.94'E. Miles today 316, Total Miles 26659
Wanting a trip down memory lane, we headed for the Karoo dorp of Beaufort Wes, where I spent a lot of holidays as a child with family friends, the Kruger Family. I had a blast as a four year old, chasing baboons, eating vetkoek dripping in syrup, listening to "Squad Cars" on the radio (there was no telly in those days), eating biltong and constructing out of control fires behind the garage. Now, as I stand outside this house, it seems SO tiny…..and the baboons seemed to have disappeared. We had a real treat that night as Amanda (part of the Kruger Family) still lives in Beaufort Wes and in fact runs a fabulous guest cottage called "Little Green World". (€15 pp but well worth it for a wonderfully comfortable self catering cottage with kitchen, bath, telly etc……) Sat chatting and catching up with her for hours before tucking in for a superb nights sleep.
Day 270 27/8., Outdshoorn, South Africa
33°35.56'S 22°12.15'E. Miles today 112, Total Miles 26771
andrew & browynDecided to investigate the Route 62 Wine Route, which runs through the Little Karoo. What a sublime experience. The most awesome scenery with windmills, funky restaurants, vineyards and sheep everywhere. After the most impressive pass through the Swartberg Mountains, we stopped in the sedate, ostrich haven of Oudtshoorn on a whim that Bronwyn and Andrew of had reached their home. We were in luck, they had just arrived three days ago. Had a fantastic evening, laughing until we cried about the adventures of travelling through Africa. A big thank you to both of them for having us at a moments notice.
Day 271 28/8. River Side Camp, Matjiesvlei, W of Caltitzdorp, South Africa
33°25.92'S 21°37.34'E. Miles today 44, Total Miles 26815
riverside campWe bought some yummy looking Karoo lamb chops and were soon back on the road. Stopped at the BoPlaas wine estate, famous for it's port selection and if you know us well, you'll know that can only spell trouble. We were in there for hours sampling ALL the port. In fact, we've ordered a case of the best for our wedding. Leon, who runs the tasting is hilarious. When we told him of our mission through Africa, he replied, "Man, are you guys crazy? Don't you watch the Discovery channel??" After our 75th port, it was getting late and we needed somewhere to stay. Leon told us of a secret spot down by the river. However, just as we lit the braai, we were approached by Pieter, the owner of the "spot by the river." He seemed somewhat befuddled as to why we had set up camp "in his front garden" However, the moment he found out about our trip through Africa, he seemed honoured to have us to stay and welcomed us with open arms. The Karoo Lamb chops we cooked on the braai that night were without a doubt, the most delicious chops I have ever eaten! Sure wish we had bought more. After several glasses (ok, mugs!) of port and chunks of cheese, we fell asleep to scary baboon noises echoing of the cliffs.
Day 272 29/8. Caravan park, Swellendam, South Africa
34°00.78'S 20°26.99'E. Miles today 156, Total Miles 26991
sexshop spring lunchEnjoyed more of Route 62 and had a luxurious lunch of cheese and wine at a vineyard along the way. The back of the Landrover is now slowly filling up with numerous bottles of wine. Such beautiful scenery all day, as the spring blossoms bring bursts of colour to the countryside. Stopped for the night in the picturesque and historical town of Swellendam. Tried to stay at the Bontebok National Park (so Mr National Geo could do his thing) but sadly, the campsite was closed so we set up camp at the municipal site at the edge of town. Sweet little spot with great views. (€4.50pp)
Day 273-274 30-31/8. Four Seasons Farm, Hermanus, South Africa
34°21.85'S 19°15.95'E. Miles today 173, Total 27144
horses cape aghulusHeaded south to Cape Aghulus, the southern most tip of Africa, where apparently, the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. Quite an emotional moment for us, as the trip really is reaching the end. Spent ages wandering around the lighthouse, taking in very cool views. Drove a bit further round the coast to the whale festival town of Hermanus, where my family own a stud farm up in the Hemel and Aarde Valley. My dad was most miffed that David, the farm manager, got to welcome us home before he did. Sorry Dad, you'll have to wait just two more days. Had a wonderfully relaxing couple of days on the farm, playing with the horses, cooking yummy wholesome food and of course, drinking port.
Day 275 1/9. 2 Zommerlust Av, Cape Town, South Africa
34°02.05'S 18°25.98'E. Miles today 186, Total 27246
the last over bonnet shotWith the flat top of Table Mountain looming, we took a very slow scenic drive towards Cape Town, savouring every minute of the last lap of this epic journey. Fighting back the tears, we slowly turned the corner into the quiet leafy street in the Constantia Valley and finally into my dad's driveway. The first welcoming sights, running out to greet us were, Abigail and Phoebe, the two sausage (!) dogs, shortly followed by my extremely excited family. "Guess that's it honey," says Rob, "the long road trip south is finally over." Wow, what can I say? So long and thanks Africa, we've had a blast!
Anyway, enough waffling…we've got a wedding to plan!
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