Day 250 - 255


BOT 7th - 12th August 2007, Botswana

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Day 250 7/8. Bush camp, outside Moremi north gate, Botswana
19°10.17'S 23°58.59'E. Miles today 120, Total Miles 23942
squirrelOn a mission for some more National Geographic Photo Expeditions. We had been advised not to enter Moremi or Chobe National Parks but rather to drive around outside them, as there are no fences and you are guaranteed to see more wildlife there. Good advice, as we started a diary of how many animals we had seen and well, the list lasted about half an hour and all numbers were crossed out and replaced with the word, "infinate" Seriously large amount of animals about and lots of fun sand driving. Rob very happy. Towards sunset, we had to cross a river and a woman who passed us half and hour ago warned us it was fairly deep. I took the sensible approach to this one and suggested that it was a little silly to try and cross it on our own, as it was getting dark, we were surrounded by elephants and hey, I saw the size of those crocodiles from the air. Rob, Mr Camel Trophy, insisted we should "just do it!" This led to a small argument and I wondered off to ponder my thoughts. On my return, there was Rob, waist deep in the river with a stick, prodding the river bed for depth and traction. "Are you *@^&$*@? mad????" Give in Ally, just give in! And so we crossed. Yup, that would be deep then. Scary, water over the bonnet stuff but we made it. We chose a spot with the least elephant poo and stopped for the night and hid behind a few trees. Quite a scary night as we were serenaded by Lions roaring all night. Again, hurrah for roof tents! swimming

Day 251 8/8. Audi camp, Maun, Botswana
19°56.04'S 23°30.52'E. Miles today 108, Total 24050
kudu eagleDrove around the outside of the parks for the day. Great fun, as there has been so much rain here and a lot of the camps had been flooded. So now, they have these luxury mobile safari camps set up, where rich Americans have paid thousands of dollars to be "camping" exclusively alone in the African bush with the animals and of course, we come trundling round the corner. "Morning!" we shout, as they stare at us, aghast. What a laugh. Interesting to note that the drivers of the trucks with all the camping gear were all getting lost and asking us for directions! "Turn right at the elephant, mate." Had to cross another river today. No wading this time, as Rob felt he was now a true Camel Man and could judge the depth from the drivers seat. Besides, there were a few 4x4's with trailers driving around so surely they must have come across here? Well, who knows where they crossed this river, cos there's no way in hell it was here!! It was way deeper than yesterdays crossing. No video footage unfortunately but um, yeah, sphincter clenching stuff, I tell you. People stopped and stared in disbelief, as we dried out on the bank of the river. Well, the snorkel definitely earned it's keep! Awesome going, Dino! Squelched back to the Audi Camp to dry out. hippo


river river
Day 252 9/8. Audi camp, Maun, Botswana
19°56.04'S 23°30.52'E. Miles today 18, Total 24068
After more sublime Nandos and wedding planning, we decided to stay another day and get some chores done. Thinking of heading off to the Kgalagadi National Park but not sure if we're in the mood to be alone in the desert for 5 days. Would prefer to give the lions a choice, you know.
Day 253 10/8. Bush camp, 80km NW of Kang, Botswana
23°05.38'S 22°15.53'E. Miles today 285, Total 24353
No one in the campsite was heading south, so we decided to give the Kgalagadi a skip. Long boring drive on good roads. Damn our stereo, it packed up in Mauritania, remember. There's an Abba CD stuck in it, which it will occasionally play for about 20 minutes. "Waterloo, la la laaa la la laaa" Ja, it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it! Bushcamped for the night near Kang.
Day 254 11/8. Bush camp, 14km W of Lobatse, Botswana
25°18.75'S 25°33.27'E. Miles today 281, Total 24634
local plantDrive, drive and keep driving. Hmmm, gonna have to work on my singing. Bushcamped for the night in a field of aloes. Could hear some loud music nearby. It kept going all night but was thankfully pretty good. Not an Abba tune in sight. Last border crossing tomorrow, as we head over into South Africa. Can't believe the trip is nearly over.
Day 255 12/8. Botswana to RSA border, Pioneer, Botswana
19°56.68'S 23°29.31'E. Miles today ?, Total ???
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