pre trip diary





GBR 9th November UK Wallowing in frozen mud
GBR 31st October UK 4x4 Course and camping trip
GBR 18th October 2006 UK First night
GBR 11th October 2006 UK Medical kit and other headaches...
GBR 2nd October 2006 UK Unemployed...
GBR July 2006 UK Ongoing work
ESP CRO June & July 2006 Palma, Mallorca & Split, Croatia Hepapatitus jabs
GBR 27th March 2006 UK Back to 'real' work
GBR March 2006 UK More work on the car
GBR January 2006 UK Working on the car
GBR November 2005 UK Starting work on the car
GBR 7th September 2005 UK We have a car.
Spain 18th May 2005 Palma, Mallorca We are going south! Major change of plans....