Africa planOur current route that we are planning to take, planning being the operative word... things in Africa can change at any time, is one that seems to be fairly well travelled by overlanders at the moment, by that we mean we have heard of more than two people doing it, is the West coast route. We plan to drive south though Europe, very possible visiting quite a few places on the way through, and enter Africa in Northern Morocco. From here we will head around the bulge until we get to Nigeria and then head south to Namibia. Before we finish the trip in Cape Town we will do a quite major deviation to the east coast of Africa, all the way up to Kenya and then back down to Cape Town.

The main time constraint will be the wet seasons in the central African countries, Cameroon down to Angola, this means getting through Cameroon by May. The other constraint is the best wildlife viewing seasons when we get to the east coast countries.