BEN Benin GPS points and information


Camp sites

Town Name Note
Grand Popo 6°16.76' N 1°49.88' E Auberge Du Grand Popo Nice place, pool, camping a bit out of the way
Porto Novo 6°28.15' N 2°36.95' E Hotel La Detente Mini stilt village next to car park (camp site)
Abomey 7°11.97' N 1°59.78' E Hotel Guedevy 1 Nice bungalows


Benin-Togo border 6°14.43' N 1°37.74' E Aneho-Grand Popo Road
Centre Songhai, Porto Novo 6°29.98' N 2°36.87' E Internet and nice biscuits, cakes etc in shop
Benin-Nigeria Duanes post at Ketou 7°22.00' N 2°36.65' E Ketou crossroads
Benin-Nigeria Police post at Illaro 7°24.79' N 2°44.53' E Look for flag after round about

Fuel Prices (Diesel Litre)

Southern Benin 390 CFA

A few stations in bigger towns and on the coast, very few near borders but alot of 'black market fuel' in 1-5L bottles.