the crew

Rob Here we are 'the crew'. Rob is from the UK and Ally is from South Africa. We met in 2001 in the south of France living with a lot of people in a very small crew-house.
It has been Ally's dream to drive across Africa for ages, a typically South African silly thing to do..., and Rob wants to build a BIG TRUCK and drive it through mud, so it should be a good combination.
4*4's sounded very similar to yachts, worrying about batteries, fuel, engines, water, not going very fast, living in small spaces so that we thought we would get on great in a small tent on top of a 4*4.

GeorgianaThis is our current place of work. Her name is Georgiana and she is a 92 foot luxury sailiung yacht. We make up two thirds of the crew, Rob is the mate and Ally is the cook. There is also the captain Dave.

BrianThis is the other member of the crew, our mascot 'Brian the dog'. We picked him up in Gran Canaria in 2001 during our first transatlantic crossing and he has travelled pretty much everywhere with us since then.

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